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KoreAnesthesia 2019

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Workshop 5. TEE (Simulator-based)

Time, Place and Language
Oct 31 (Thu) 13:30-17:00, Room 7+8, English
Moderator and Instructors
Moderator :
Sung Yong Park (Ajou University, Korea)
Instructors :
Jeong Jin Min (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
Chung-sik Oh (Konkuk University, Korea)
Ji Young Yoo (Ajou University, Korea)
Keisuke Nakazawa (Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital, Japan)
Hasmizy Muhamad (Sarawak Heart Centre, Malaysia)
Program Time Instructor
Lecture 1 Basic 2D TEE 15 m' Hasmizy Muhammad
(3 Group)
1. Basic 2D imaging (ME & TG views),
    RA (ME Bicaval view) RV (ME inflow-outflow view),
    ascending aorta (distal), arch & descending aorta
2. Calculating LV Ejection Fraction & Fractional Area
30 m'
Break 10 m'
Lecture 2 MV apparatus & MV inflow Doppler Keisuke Nakazawa
- 2D image of MV apparatus & scallops & MV inflow
- E/A ratio & Pressure Half-Time (PHT) in estimating MVA
15 m' Keisuke Nakazawa
(3 Group)
1. 2D imaging of MV (modified 4-CH, Commissural,
    2CH & LAX views), MV scallop identification
2. Doppler tracing of MV inflow in early relaxation (E) &
    atrial contraction (A)
3. Determining PHT for MVA estimation
30 m'
Break 10 m'
Lecture 3 1 TV apparatus & TV Doppler
- TV scallop identification & TR peak velocity for estimating RV/PA pressure
- HV flow reversal & TR severity
15 m' Jeong-Jin Min
2 AV apparatus & AV Doppler
- 2D imaging of AV & cusp identification, AVA planimetry (ME AV SAX & LAX views)
- AVA estimation by using Continuity equation (in TG & deep-TG views)
(3 Group)
1. 2D imaging of TV (modified 4-CH, Bicaval,
    RV inflow-outflow view), TV scallop identification
2. Doppler tracing of TV & TR flow
3. Doppler tracing of AV/LVOT for in TG image
30 m'
Break 10 m'
Case study
(4 groups will rotate on 4 stations)
1. Case study 3 pathologies in the simulators
    1) Case 1 (10m'): Jeong-Jin Min
    - Aortic Stenosis - Valvular (A10)
    - Dilated Cardiomyopathy - Very Severe Left Ventricular
       Systolic Dysfunction (V15)
    2) Case 2 (10m'): Keisuke Nakazawa
    - Billowing Mitral valve Two leaflets (B3)
    3) Case 3 (10m'): Hasmizy Muhammad, Chung-sik Oh
    - Left Pleural Effusion (H4)
    - Acute Anterior Myocardial Infarction (A6)
2. Basic knobology in an Echo-console (10m'):
    Ji Young Yoo
40 m' Jeong-Jin Min
Chung-sik Oh
Ji Young Yoo
Keisuke Nakazawa
Hasmizy Muhamad
Q&A, Wrap up 5 m'

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